My name is Raymond Baltazar.
'93 baby.
Born in Vallejo.
I go to SJSU.
I love photography and dance.
Fun fact: Im obsessed with pokemon! k bay!
Photography blog:
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just comparing them. 

they are still zack and cody

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Everybody needs this on their blog

I learned a lot because of Tyra Banks. 

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Don’t expect anything from anyone, because expectations that are not fulfilled gives you pain.

When you get something without expecting it, it gives you an amazing amount of joy.

Yay!! Ramen w/mama @mylalesenana

Yay!! Ramen w/mama @mylalesenana


The next batch of CoroCoro information has been posted to Japanese forums and this batch showcases more information about the upcoming game Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. This continues on from yesterday’s information and reveals Primal Kyogre’s new move, Origin Wave. Rayquaza is also said to hold a secret to Mega Evolution. It also states about the demo version of the game. You will see a Mega Evolution for the first time in this demo, and you can then transfer it, as well as items you collect, over to the main games when they are released. It is also hinted that, if you play the demo every day, something special will happen. Mega Gallade details confirmed. It is Psychic/Fighting-type still, and has the ability Inner Focus

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